Whatever, bitch. 

This adorable little Thai girl was helping out at her family’s Japanese restaurant near our house. Halfway through our meal, I read her shirt and burst out laughing. Getting a clear picture was complicated because I didn’t want to appear to be a creeper. My wife ended up getting the clearest one. Dull moments remain rare things on our fair island in the Andaman Sea.

I gave her a compliment on the shirt and said, “It says ‘whatever, bitch’ to which she smiled and walked away.’ She was pretty shy, and obviously had no idea what I was talking about.

I’d wear this shirt every day if I owned it. Nothing says big swagger like a pink shirt covered in unicorns with, “Whatever, bitch!” printed in a big, bubbly rainbow font.

Is Your Stomach Ruminating?

This is from the menu of one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Phuket. As tempting as it sounds, I have yet to order the kind of ruminating stomach boiling. Usually with Engrish, you can almost understand what they’re trying to say. In this case, I’ve got no idea. 

Oh, and unripe beef. Yummmm! Is there any way to eat beef other than when it’s unripe? No. No, I don’t believe that there is. 

Happy Anniversary!

Here’s a nice spot of Engrish I came across today on the way to my obligatory tri-monthly visit to the Thai immigration department to have the 90 day conversation. 

“Hello. Yes, I still live at the same address. OK?”
The officer gives me a distracted nod that’s  followed by the thwack thwack of his stamp and the snap of his stapler in my passport. 

After this brief little ceremony, I’m out the door and back into the sunshine and chaos of Thailand for another 90 days. Life is good!